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A Bit of the Forbidden

Selection of published and new poems, translated by Mel Rosenberg.  In this collection, you'll find some of my favorite poems about love and life. While they may be forbidden, you're still allowed to read, enjoy and share!

Fairy Tale

What momma doesn't know
is how Little Red Riding Hood likes wolves
meek forest creatures bore her to death
her basket brimming with sandwiches and wine
here comes the wolf
to ravish her


I don't know a thing about foxes
I see the nails through their sweaty eyes
That's why I left
But he persists
bringing me a ripe moon
under it's light breaking into a dervish dance
until he falls as dead
I don't draw near
to hear his wakened heart
as I've already said
what do I know about foxes?

Even Though

the sea has closed its eyes
and hungrt seagulls lick its face
you promised when I awake this mornink
I will find you here even though you are sated.



I insist on being a pirate
Bent on capturing a ship full of love
For myself

Forest Trees


I took the train.
We passed the rain station
The sand station
The sea station
But at the station
Of the heart
I got derailed.


You Are

You are fleeing swallows
in your hand of a stalk
I opened a green field
For you to rest,
and your fear
turning wing to root.

Back to the Coffee 

Back to the cafe
Looking at the bottom of the cup.
Maybe the pool of grounds
Will stil yield
Moments of sugar.

Like the Sea

There is no yesterday
There is no tomorrow
I am sand that yearns
With all its goldness
To draw your head round,
Follow me.

So once more you eill leave
And again you'll return
To sing to my shells
As you break apart
And curl up like the sea.

You will bring unto me
All the treasures of your heart
Whisper and weep,
Rupture and rage
As you fill my vessel
With love.



or whatever
her voice is woodland. Her eyes
does it matter what color will be the site of his temple.
She will wipe away stains
Of my love from his body
With soft lips of honey and salt.

or whatever
will suddenly
take him away.


You are the melody
I am the words
You are the birds
I am the tree
You are the sea
I am the storm
You are the night flooding
A thousand stars
Into the depth of my body.
I am the moon in wonder at your window.

Go Slow

Shake the cold
Winter journey
From my wings

Collect me

Promise me the sun
Promise that you will pain me

No more.

If You Don't Ask Me

If you don't ask me to dance
I won't show my colors
I won't sprinkle gold
I will plunge,
in a shell - 
a white pearl
Who has lost her voice at sea.

if you trap me
in your net of light
and ask me to dance for you
I will rise and dance
till there is no water

Broken Trunk

Talking to Paul

Twenty years on
I'd like to see
you again
wrapped in black robes
while the moist part
of the heart
turns to stone
and on it lies a heavy cross
instead of a woman,

A Poem of Longing

If you only knew
How great the pain
Each time you
touch me

You can read the full collection
of "A Bit of the Forbidden"
here >>


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