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My Books

Year of Publication: 1994. A selection of poems from "Parking Lights" and "Chocolate Lip." Poems from the book have been published in Israel and abroad. Read >>


"A Bit of the Forbidden" 

Year of Publication: 2000. A collection of poems that embark on a journey following the soul. From this book, a cabaret poetry performance titled "A Pink Woman" emerged. Read >>

1קצת ממה שאסור - שולמית ספיר-נבו-5616-3744.jpg

"Parking Lights"

Year of Publication: 1986. It is a journey that opens the depths of the heart. Most of the poems here were published in newspapers and literary magazines.

אורות חנייה - שולמית ספיר-נבו-5616-3744.jpg

"Coffee Reading"

Year of Publication: 2011. Two poets - one Jewish and one Arab - joined forces to create this book. The book conveys the message that poetry is a path of love and friendship, a way to bring hearts closer.

קוראת בקפה-5616-3744.jpg

Year of Publication: 2006. In memory and commemoration of the Armored Corps fallen soldiers in all of Israel's wars. Read >>

1שיר יוני לטרון - שולמית ספיר-נבו-5616.jpg

"The Welcoming Doors"

Year of Publication: 1977. My first poetry book was published by Mel. It sold well and we were even able to meet Prime Minister Menachem Begin and give him a copy!

1דלתי לאורח אפתח - שולמית ספיר-נבו-5616-3744.jpg

"Chocolate Lip"

Year of Publication: 1994. This book was awarded a creative grant by the Association for the Advancement of Research, Literature, and Art, (ACHI), in 1996.

2שפת השוקולד - שולמית ספיר-נבו-5616-3744.jpg

"September Man"

Year of Publication: 2003. The novel's plot unfolds from Tel Aviv to Florence, Baghdad, London, Paris, Abu Ghosh, and the Galilee, reaching Bnei Brak and the depths of the heart, wherever that may be. Publisher: Vizart. Read >>

איש ספטמבר - שולמית ספיר-נבו-5616-3744.jpg
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