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My Poem - Broadcast on International Radio!

Updated: Feb 28

My recent poem "Once Again He Plays Jobim" has been broadcast this week on International radio, and read in Hebrew, English, Spanish.

My poem was read in three languages yesterday, on 'Unmos Al Mundo' Radio, on an international poetry program, featuring poets from 109 countries.

Distinguished poet and editor,

Leticia Guzman, thank you very much for the honor of being on your international poetry radio program “voces γ Plumas”!

Once Again He Plays Jobim

Once again He plays Carlos Jobim And the sounds Pass by like palm trees, Touched by the wind Pictures blowing on The white walls Of the house As we celebrate the Blessed Holiday of the Music And I'm a winter bird Standing in the Window of A far away summer Collecting gold From The temple of the Bossa Nova.

Otra Vez Interpreta Carlos Jobim

Otra vez interpreta Jobim Efectos de sonido pasando las palmeras en movimiento Cuadros soplando En los muros blancos de la casa Al celebrar la fiesta De la Música Y yo así como un ave de invierno De pie en la ventana En un lejos verano Recopilando oro Del Templo De la Bossa Nova.

Traduciendo al español - Anat Hidekel Locutor - Shlomo Sapir

Muchas gracias!

"Pictures blowing on the white walls of the house As we celebrate the Blessed Holiday of the Music".

Αλλη μια φορά

Για άλλη μια φορά

Αυτός παίζει τον Carlos Jobim Και οι ήχοι πάλλονται σαν φοίνικες που τους αγγίζει ο άνεμος Οι εικόνες πνέουν στους λευκούς τοίχους του σπιτιού Καθώς γιορτάζουμε την ιερή εορτή της μουσικής Και είμαι σαν χειμωνιάτικο πουλί που στέκεται στο περβάζι κάποιου μακρινού καλοκαιριού, Και μαζεύω χρυσό από τον Ναό της Μπόσα Νόβα.


I woul like to thank my brother, Shlomo Sapir, for reading my poem in Spanish.

Also, a big thanks to my wonderful Mel Rosenberg (who is playing 'The Girl from Ipanema' on the piano).

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