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A Nostalgic Farewell...

I used to have a website. Now it's time to say goodbye and gather it into a nostalgic book

Goodbye and hello

Once I had a website

Which I loved so much (and miraculously, the name remained the same)

And even though only a handful of people would visit there each week,

I would still go there

Every now and then

Sipping my coffee

Flipping through its pages

Going over so much of my life.

When Memories and Future Meet


Stories from my parents' home

Pictures and souvenirs

From all over the world

Books and poems I wrote




And so many precious words of thanks

Written to me

By so, many friends.

Poetry in Hebrew, English, Greek, Spanish, French, Arabic

Everything in bloom!

Add a Closing Message

My dear friends and guests

I invite everyone who loves

Nostalgia and romance

And the taste of 'once upon a time'

And if you like

I'll be happy if you write me

A word.

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